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The Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia is dedicated to the welfare of ALL veterans and their families. We have no other aim. Our organisation is made up of volunteers who chose to help veterans in need. If you are a sick veteran, and you suspect your sickness may have been caused by your war service, we invite you to consult one of our trained volunteers who man our branches and sub-branches throughout all States of Australia.

This website is for the purpose of relaying relevant veterans community affairs matters over the Internet in an effort to keep the broader community, including students, informed of latest events, news, and historical analysis.

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We encourage feedback and input from our visitors, to help us bring you a better website. If you want something made known, or are trying to contact old mates, give the NOTICE BOARD a try.

Anyone can become a member of the VIETNAM VETERANS FEDERATION of AUSTRALIA Inc. We are a registered charity, run by volunteers, and look forward to increasing our membership. Why not take the time, now, to download a membership form and forward it to a branch near you with your membership payment. Simply click on the “Join Now” image on the left, and a form will be downloaded to your screen for immediate printing or saving to your hard drive.


What’s A Novated Lease?

Novated Lease

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If you are an Australian who’s looking for ways to make vehicle ownership more convenient and affordable, you might want to consider some of the advantages of arranging for a novated lease. This type of lease is a special, three party agreement between a consumer, that consumer’s employer, and a lender who provides car finance to that consumer. In this type of arrangement, the consumer’s employer makes payments for the employee’s vehicle instead of the employee himself or herself. This setup also involves the employer making payments for other vehicle related expenses as well including for the vehicle insurance and for the fuel for the vehicle in question. While the novated lease setup is most commonly associated with situations where the employee is using the vehicle for job related responsibilities, this is not always necessarily the case.

The Stratton Finance novated lease agreement is popular in Australia not only because it tends to offer some distinct benefits. It’s also popular because it tends to offer some distinct benefits for both the employer and the lender as well. There following are some of the key benefits to keep in mind when evaluated the potentials of the novated lease:

  • Benefits provided to the employee- One key benefit of this type of arrangement for the employee is that the employee doesn’t have to remember to make a vehicle payment anymore. Also, the employee can in many cases take advantage of a lower tax liability. A novated lease payment from an employer can often mean that the employee has to pay only a fringe benefit tax, which can be lower than a general income tax.
  • Benefits provided to the employer- The employer often can benefit from the novated lease arrangement because the employer needs the employee to have the vehicle and use it for work related tasks. This way, the employer knows that the employee will have a vehicle available to fulfill company responsibilities. Also, the employer can enjoy some tax advantages as well.
  • Benefits provided to the lender- The lender might enjoy more peace of mind by knowing payments on the lease are going to come in more reliably. The employer needs to make sure that the payments are coming in in order to make sure the vehicle is available for work related tasks. The lender will have more of a guarantee of receiving novated lease payments.

Australian consumers who are employed should look into the possibility of saving money and enjoy greater convenience with a novated lease. They may want to explore their employer’s policy on this issue.

Saving Money with Novated Leases

Will a Novated Lease Save Me Money?

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Driving a novated lease vehicle is not a bad idea if you have the option. Many people can bring their employer into the mix when leasing a new car, and the savings are significant. Even if you’re not sure how you save money with a novated lease payment rather than a traditional lease or purchase option, it’s easy to figure out and understand when you take a few moments to weigh the pros and cons.

Your Employer Makes Your Payments

You’re not getting a free car, however. Your employer might be making your payments, but that money is coming directly from your income. The good news, however, is this money is coming from your pre-tax income. This means you’re saving money and potentially bringing home a bigger paycheck. How? It’s a simple process.

When your pre-tax income is used to make your car payment, your taxable income is lower. This means you’re being taxed on less money, so you’re paying fewer taxes. If that change affects the tax bracket in which you fall into, you might even save more money. Most people who choose to go through the Stratton Novated Lease process at with their employer not only pay fewer taxes, they bring home more money in every paycheck because of fewer taxes being taken out.

You Get Discounts

Car manufacturers and dealers are more willing to offer vehicle discounts to corporations and companies than they are to regular buyers, so you’re saving more than just your pre-tax dollars. You’re also saving yourself a lot of money because of these discounts. You’re getting the same vehicle as other people driving down the same roads every day, but you’re paying less for it because you get to take advantage of the discounts offered by the fleet provider.

Your Financial Situation Improves

Do you have a problem making payments on time each month? Do you struggle with a budget? It’s hard for some people, but wouldn’t it be nice to know your novated lease payment is always being made on time and your credit benefits from it? That’s what happens when your employer is using your pre-tax dollars to make your car payment. It’s not late, you never miss a payment, and your financial situation improves because of it.

If the idea of getting into a novated lease is terrifying to you, do the math and figure out what you’re saving versus what you’re spending. You’ll find a novated lease can save you thousands of dollars each year compared to traditional financing. All you need to do is allow your employer to get into the mix.

Car Loans

Tips for Saving Money When Taking Out Car Loans

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For many people, buying a nice car is impossible without the help of a vehicle loan. Since car loans can make it possible for people to buy nice vehicles without having the cash to pay for them upfront, they can be a wonderful thing. However, car loans can also be very expensive and can cause you to get into a financial bind if you aren’t careful. Luckily, it is possible to make smart financial decisions and save money when taking out car loans if you follow these tips.

Save Up a Bigger Down Payment

One of the first things that you should remember when shopping for Stratton Car Loans is that having a sizable down payment when making your purchase is pretty much always a good thing. This is true for a few reasons. For one thing, you might find that it will be easier for you to get approved if you have a bigger down payment, particularly if your credit is less than perfect.

Additionally, the down payment that you make will be an interest-free lump sum payment on the vehicle that you are buying. Plus, some lenders actually offer lower interest rates for those who have bigger down payments. Lastly, this can help you keep your monthly payments to a minimum, which might be better for your budget.

Look for the Lowest Interest Rate

It is always important to look for lower interest rates when shopping for car loans. Some lenders charge surprisingly high interest rates, which can cause you spend thousands upon thousands more dollars over the lifetime of the loan. Comparing lenders to look for the lowest possible interest rate and negotiating to try to get the lender to lower your interest rate are both important strategies if you want to minimize how much you have to pay.

Choose a Shorter Loan Term

Even though it can cause your payments to be a little more costly, looking for car loans with shorter loan terms can be smart. Then, you can reduce the amount that you pay in interest by a significant amount. Plus, you can get your car paid off that much more quickly, which can help prevent you from being upside down in a car loan on an older vehicle in a few years.

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can save money on car loans. By following these tips when shopping for car loans, you can help ensure that you keep things as affordable as possible when buying your vehicle.

Novated Lease

How Does a Novated Lease Work?

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When it comes to the purchase of a new vehicle in Australia, you must have a positive credit history and you must be able to provide positive financial statements to lenders. If you’re not able to provide proof you are a responsible borrower, you might not find anyone willing to lend you the money to finance a car. That’s where finding out whether your employer offers a novated lease is beneficial. A novated lease is an employer-backed lease that allows you to buy a car without the best credit and without worry you might be denied purchasing a new vehicle.

A novated lease is not something you will find everywhere you go. They’re offered by only employers who feel that the value of offering one of these leases is beneficial to them, and it works in your favor if you apply for one of your own. The Novated Lease Stratton is paid by your employer. You get to choose the car you want to drive, come up with a finance plan with the lender you work with, and then present it to your employer. Your employer then makes a decision regarding whether he or she is willing to pay this loan for you.

Keep in mind a novated lease is not something your lender pays for you free of charge to you. You still repay this loan. It’s up to you to make the payments from your own paycheck, the only stipulation is your employer makes the payment from your pre-tax income and you get what’s left after that. It’s one way for the lender to guarantee that you will pay your loan, which is why lenders are more willing to provide novated lease approvals to consumers than any other type of loan.It’s your money, but your company is paying it for you. The lender knows the company will pay the loan as long as you are employed with them. The lender is willing to work with you, to give you a chance, and to provide a novated loan if your employer works with this kind of financing. You have options, and it’s time to enact them so you’re able to buy what you want.

The biggest benefit of a novated lease is knowing you have a chance of approval when you might not otherwise. The other benefit is you never need to worry about your car payment. It’s made on time, you don’t have the option to keep it or send it in, and it helps you improve your financial life. If you want to try a novated lease, ask your employer if the novated lease option is a choice where you work. It might not be, but it’s also something you might consider the next time you’re offered a job with a new company if you think it will benefit you to use this finance method.

Car Loan Benefits

Why Car Loans are Better Than Cash Car Purchases

If you are in the market to purchase a car, you could be thinking about buying one in cash. Even though it might seem like a good idea to buy a car that you will not have to make payments on, this is not necessarily always the case. In many cases, taking out car loans is actually better than focusing on a cash purchase. These are a few of the benefits of car loans.

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Increase Your Buying Power

For one thing, with car loans, you can significantly increase your buying power. Chances are that you don’t have enough money in the bank to buy a brand new or slightly used car. Therefore, if you are going to be buying a car in cash, you might have to go with an older vehicle.

Even though some people successfully buy older used vehicles, a lot of people find that older cars have mechanical issues that they have to deal with. Plus, an older car might not be nearly as attractive, so you might not be as proud of it or enjoy driving it as much as you might enjoy a newer car. Newer cars often also have more tech features and safety features. With the help of Car Loans by Stratton Finance, you can help increase your buying power so that you can buy a better car.

Increase Your Cash Flow

Another good thing about car loans is the fact that they can help you increase your cash flow. Even though it might seem like a good idea to pay for a car in cash, the truth is that draining your savings account for a car purchase might not actually be the best financial move after all. Then, if you find yourself in a tough financial spot, you might not have the cash that you need. If you finance your car with the help of car loans, however, you can help keep more cash in your bank account. Then, you will have a back-up plan in case you lose your job, get sick and miss work or have to deal with an unexpected home repair. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you will probably be glad that you did not spend all of your money on a car purchase.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why car loans are often better than cash car purchases. If you shop around for a good lender, you can see why financing a car is often a better option.